Wednesday, November 18, 2009

From Ladybugs to Bunnies

About a month ago, a customer who purchased a Ladybug in my Mug - Mug asked me if I would place any other animals or wild things inside my cups. I thought about it from a practical stand point and tried to come up with a shape that can be simplified to sit flush against the bottom without creating too much of a headache when washing the cup... and so came the bunnies. They were so darn cute I couldn't help myself and I placed them on all sorts of things!

Friday, November 13, 2009


It maybe hard to believe, (with such fast turnover in electronics) but I've had the same Dell Inspiron Laptop for almost 8 years. This sweet little dinosaur has served me so well and gave minimal problems. Over the last year however, with my excessive pottery photo, and i-tunes downloads, it became really slow and started to overheat. To combat the problem, I've positioned it in such a way, that the fan portion of the bottom would hang off the desk slightly to create a bit more ventilation. (Can you tell I have a problem with change?)

However, it's time had come and it just had to go. So for my birthday, my dear, sweet, husband bought me a new HP Entertainment notebook. I thought this thing was great!!! It was practically weightless, and are computers really this fast now a days?

A big surprise came when I needed to install some of the basic programs, you know, the anti-virus and the printer. The damn thing was a complete lemon. It would not install anything, and when I attempted to restart, never turned on again.

Luckily, Best Buy's return policy is wonderful, and they took the awful thing back without a question.

Frustrated, I decided to stick with what I know best, and buy a new Dell. I ordered a new Dell Inspiron that weighs all of 5 pounds :) and so far (knock on wood) works splendidly. The new Windows 7 came automatically installed and is very similar to the type of function and look of the Mac Safari. (I suppose a way for PCs to compete)...

Oh but this story does not have a happy ending. Much like my ancient Dell, I also have an ancient (by graphic software standards) version of Adobe Photoshop 7.0. That version is no longer compatible with Windows 7, and has not been compatible with any Windows since Windows XP. After numerous calls to Adobe Tech support in India, I discovered that Adobe will not upgrade me to the New CS4 photoshop unless my version was Adobe Photoshop 8.0 or greater. So until I cough up around $700, I have no photoshop.
So while I type this blog post on my fast and efficient new Dell, I will have to edit and list all new pottery photos on my dinosaur. God give me strength.