Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Art vs. Craft

After spending all day playing with clay, my husband and I decided to take a trip to the bookstore. As soon as I walked through the door, I waived good bye and marched proudly into the “Art Section”, to look through pottery books for inspiration. After scanning through hundreds of books on Art history and famous painters, photography, books on fashion design and make up artistry, books on motion pictures…hmmm before I knew it I was in the adjacent “Architecture Section”. Puzzled, I walked over to the information desk and asked if they can help me locate books on ceramics. The girl politely stated that if they have any, they would be located upstairs in the “Craft Section”. Oh… So I walked upstairs and located the “Craft Section” In the very corner, next to the “Pet Section” was a small insignificant “Craft Section”. There on the bottom shelf between quilting and jewelry making, I was able to locate a total of four books having to do with ceramics. FOUR! So hold on, let me get this straight, putting lipstick on someone’s face is more of an art than ceramic sculpture? And what about Ceramic History? One of the oldest art forms in history. Are advertisements from the 60s more of an art form than million year old Chinese porcelain teapots? I was beyond furious while flipping through these mediocre soft cover “books” on the floor of the craft section where I belong. So my question to you is, what is art and what is craft? Who decides where Art ends and Craft begins? Why do we get shoved aside while make-up artists get all the glory together with Oscar De La Renta and Andy Warhol? Hello, I am a make up artist… and what is it you do again? Crafts?

Monday, October 6, 2008

October Love

Fall has always been my favorite season, with a particular love for October. Maybe it’s because New York finally began to cool down during this time of year, maybe because it’s my birthday month, or maybe it’s because of Halloween. Halloween is by far my favorite holiday (that’s right it tops Christmas). My best friend from high school and I were still trick-or treating when we were 16 years old, and since I can no longer trick-or-treat at the age of 29 - without looking like the neighborhood freak and I don’t have any kids, - I am dressing up Mops.
I know, I know it’s kinda mean, but I just can’t help myself. (I’ll post pictures of that later.) Sorry, got side tracked. Back to fall…Star from lunaarcana shares my love for Autumn as well as my Acorn Jars, and was kind enough to feature my pottery, and myself in her blog. It never seizes to amaze me how nice are the folks of Etsy.