Monday, March 31, 2008

My Girls

I can no longer contain myself. I have to share my girls with the world. Veronica and Felicia are my absolute favorite clay people. (But I know I'd love them even if they weren't clay people). Veronica was and still is my first pottery teacher. If it wasn't her encouragement, I would've dropped clay before I even started. Felicia was her sidekick. She helped me put a handle on my first cup! I still have it. This is the three of us at the Fine Arts Federation Show this February. We all had pieces in the show.

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cynthia said...

This sounds like a terrific event! I like the shots of your studio space too. :D

When I was a kid, there were 4 of us living in a cramped Brooklyn apartment. I used to share a room with my brother and my mom tells me there was only room for 2 twin beds and nothing else in our room. We used to play in the stairwells and foyer areas.