Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Testing my limits

When I first started throwing, I wanted to throw as large as possible. I wasn't worried so much about the perfection of the form, but was more preoccupied with it's size. When I got tired of off-center pots, I decided I should work smaller and make my forms more perfect. Light, centered, and perfectly glazed. (Ha!) When I began selling on Etsy, I once again became size conscious for shipping purposes. Throwing items that would fit comfortably in flatrate USPS priority boxes. I was comfortably settled into the 7 inch zone, when I was asked to throw a large porcelain egg vase exceeding 9 inches when fired. I thought, no problem...Right?After my fourth attempt, I was worried. I just couldn’t do it. I went to the studio to get some support from my pottery buddies, covered with clay, and still nothing! I would pull the porcelain up, and the darn thing would slump back down. I went home, hating myself. The next day I decided I had to give it another try, and what do you know, I did it. I threw the 10 ½ inch porcelain Egg so it can shrink down to it’s intended 9 inches. :)


UniqueNurseGranny said...


Jenn Maruska said...

Try, try again - you've proven that not giving up works!

And the vase is lovely : )

Kari said...

LOVE this blog! And the music is a great touch! I will have to see if I can figure that out on mine!

LuckyLibra (etsy)

Jen said...

I love to see action photos! Very nice!
-10oneworld on Etsy
-Jen in real life

La Alicia said...

looks lik eyou had a great time! :)