Monday, November 24, 2008

December in L.A.

December is right around the corner here in Los Angeles, sunny with temperatures in the 80’s. But then again if you live here, you already know that. I’d like to give an update on some events I am participating in this month. If you’re in the Los Angeles are, stop by the Local World’s Fair, sponsored by Etsy along with other companies. Maybe you’ll snag some one of a kind gifts, or something really neat for yourself. I’ll be there on Saturday, December 6th with current and new pottery you’ve come to know and love. So even if you don’t want to shop, but are really bored, stop by and say hi!

Two of my teapots are off to the Steamboat Invitational Teapot Show in Steamboat, Colorado. I wish I could go see them, but I am off East this holiday season. So all you tea lovers in Colorado,
check out the show. Teapots will be on display December 2nd through February 1st.
Happy Thanksgiving Everybody!


Expressions By Devin said...

Congrats on your tea pots.Sorry you couldn't go.Your blog and etsy shop are wonderful.Thanks for sharing them with me:0)

Justin said...

Congrats on the show in Steamboat. I'm closer than you'll be, but it is still way up in the mountains. Hope you win the show.
The teapots look wonderful. I like that glaze.