Sunday, April 5, 2009

A Streak of Bad Luck

I am generally a very laid back person, and when throwing I get to zone out and create little pots and shapes without giving much thought of how many pieces an hour I can make or glaze, or what is my top seller. However, now that I rely on pottery for money, I've become a complete basket case. I've become Etsy obsessive, and to make matters worse, for the first time ever, my pieces started to come out of the kiln firing wrong! I've had to re-do a custom order a third time because my copper-red glaze came out white during the first two firings, and a custom vase cracked. I shouldn't say that I've never had a piece stick to the cookie, or come out a totally different color, but not when it mattered. I now understand completely about the frustrations experienced by full-time potters that have orders to fill and deadlines to meet. I am sure feelin ya now.


Shannon said...

I hope your streak ends soon. Your work is beautiful.

Anonymous said...

nice pots... i like those speckled pots in your etsy store.

auryane said...

You've always been very upfront with timelines, and the unpredictability of certain *ahem!* glazes, so I doubt that your customers would be troubled by the wait. Besides, as someone who mostly buys custom orders on etsy, I think most of us are used to the longer time spans and turbulence of purchasing an piece that hasn't been created yet. Yours is certainly worth the wait.

And on the bright side, even when the piece doesn't come out as expected, it's often *still* stunning...such as that blue pomegranate vase. It would be beautiful, of course, but not quite so unique if it came out in the red color that you had chosen. I'm going to put it by my bed, to remind me each morning that unexpected events can still make for a good day.