Saturday, July 11, 2009


Get ready for a long one folks...

Some recent events made me want to take a step back and reflect on where my pottery came from and where it's headed. Since my two year Etsyversary is looming, I guess my first Etsy sale is a good place to start. This is the first piece that sold. It had contrasting color, a curvy egg-like shape, still very similar to the shape I throw today.
With my first wheel-thrown pieces my first goal as a student and a potter was to make the form symmetrical, centered as well as making the piece as light as possible. I have succeeded at this over the last two years as you can tell by cheaper shipping prices.
Then came the Eggs. The fool proof blue/brown color combination that satisfied my need for both contemporary and traditional styles. After the arrival of the Robin's Egg, my pottery took a turn for the more refined, feminine style that is very much reflected in my pottery today.

A short while later came my trip to Paris and my discovery of hand-carved and still very much color contrasting Poppy. Shortly after came the Sprout. I still have to be perfectly relaxed and in a great mood to successfully throw those little suckers. The sprout teapot is yet again a perfect example of the modern/contemporary in me.
So where am I headed? With a larger collection of flowers and now my own blend of glaze colors, will I let the curvy, vind-y win out and settle on with the press molds and the slip? Or will I continue to be all over the place with my pottery much like I am in life?
Today's trip to the Getty was no help. I was yet again torn between the 1600's decadent, French gold and robins egg vases on the interior of the Decorative Arts Section and the museum's overly modern, clean-lined architectural exterior. But if they can live together so beautifully, why can't I?
I fast forward to my last sold item. Ladybugs!
They are awesome, fun and now that I found a glaze that does not run, I can add them to everything.(Strongly considering it!)
With a kiln full ready to go for yet another bisque firing, only time will tell.


Shannon said...

I love your work. I think it's possible to work in different styles while still having all the pieces be cohesively yours (if that makes sense!) When I looked back at all the photos you posted of your progress, despite the differences, they all looked like yours. So maybe that's a long way of saying, be eclectic and do what you like. No need to limit yourself to one style. :)

Angela said...

Wow, the pieces look so different yet all so beautiful! I am crazy about the Robin's Egg!

David D. Gilbaugh said...

I most like you beautiful teapot. It has some lovely lines to it and shows a lot of control. The handle is particularly fluid and complementary.

I hope you make more of these little beauties.

Jesse Lu said...

I struggle with this all the time. What is my signature? Even though I am just a measly bachelor's student and expect far too much from myself, I constantly chastise myself for "switching styles". Here's the thing though, and I just realized this the other day... We are young. Our styles are going to flip flop and change for a while because we are testing new ideas. It is only over time and trials that our unique signatures can emerge. So the moral of the story? Stick with all of it... it will be the tangents that further develop your unique voice as an artist.