Friday, June 3, 2011

Vintage Taking Over Etsy?

So while I've been kicking back being a mom, I've began to notice a Etsy shift. Even though my pottery production has now taken a back seat to mommyhood I still check on my Etsy shop and some of my favorite categories daily. I couldn't help but notice the number of vintage shops and vintage items that now seem to pop up more than ever on the front page as well as Storque articles and the Etsy Finds emails. This caused me to stop and think about what this may mean for us handmade folks and the site in general. Don't get me wrong, I am a huge vintage fan. I've scored a gorgeous mink stowe and some magazines from a couple of my favorite vintage Etsy shops. However, I can't help but feel overwhelmed by the presence of craft supplies and 1950's kitsch as I browse Etsy's pages. Part of what attracted me to Etsy was that it sold handmade! It somehow made it a special place so very different from EBay! It wasn't a place for everyone, but rather a group of people that could "create". Now I know that vintage shop owners may read this and say I am only complaining because I sell handmade, and that would be true to a point. I am not saying there should be no vintage or supplies on Etsy, just not sure I like the site moving in a different direction. After all, it's not "Etsy, where you buy and sell handmade" only any longer.I am not really sure where I am headed with this, other than that I would like to know what others out there may think.


Peanuts Creations said...

I have noticed this as well. Thanks for bringing it up!

Valerie said...

Hi Alina - vintage has been a part of Etsy since before I joined in 2007.

Alina Hayes said...

Valerie, I know that vintage has been around, but I've just noticed how much more prevalent it's become

Anonymous said...

So you're alright with vintage being on Etsy, but you don't appreciate it being featured on the front page, finds or storque articles? Don't you think that's a bit selfish?

A few of the items featured in the treasuries you highlighted were handmade, but used vintage materials or were made to look vintage.

Vintage sellers have always kind of gotten the shaft. Very happy to see that it's finally starting to be receive some long overdue recognition.

I do love and buy handmade and think vintage and handmade on Etsy compliment each other very nicely. I always use a mix of both in my treasuries.

Now off to read the rest of your blog!

Alina Hayes said...

I kinda thought I might get a comment or two like that from an anonymous person. I like vintage, I support vintage and buy vintage. I am not attacking vintage shops. I am simply thinking out loud about what this might mean to my handmade business and other handmade businesses. Vintage shops are being featured on the front page and the articles because of their increase in numbers and popularity. As a result of that, handmade shops may need to seek other places to go to stay ahead of the game, and remain successful. I don't think I am the only one who's thought about this.

SurrenderDorothy said...

I think that if supplies and vintage goods have been allowed since almost day one, that they should recieve the same treatment as everyone else for our 20 cents.
The Etsy default should be for ALL Things, NOT just Handmade.

Denise / Iktomi said...

I've noticed it, too. I think it's because of the popularity of sites like Pottery Barn and the like.
I love some of the vintage items, but the things that etsy promotes are the very "Etsyish" things and items that stretch the bounds of vintage. Like resellers in Handmade, vintage sellers have their own bad apples to contend with.
Yes, its all Supplies, Vintage and Handmade on Etsy, but I do think handmade has taken a back seat to Vintage in the last year, and it rankles.