Saturday, September 6, 2008

Exciting Prospects

With summer coming to an end, I’ve been pondering some new ideas and forms for the holiday season while being a new mama to my baby girl pug Mops. I am so excited about some new goodies I’ve been working on, that I had give you a sneak preview while they are at their leatherhard/greenware stage. These teapots are sort of a hybrid on my sprout vases. When I started working on the vases, other potters at the studio were intrigued by the idea of pulling the handle directly from the form while attached to the wheel. Personally, I haven’t seen a take on this idea or seen teapots that are similar to these. So if you see any let me know. I was told by one woman that they produced similar forms in ancient morocco, but I was unable to find any pictures. I know that if I claim them as original designs, chances are somewhere in the world a similar version exists (I hope not, because then I am a true pottery genius!)… and I don’t want to be like that one woman on the Martha Stuart show who claimed he petty coats were “the original”… umm lady, petty coats have existed long before you were born. These teapots are so much fun to throw and I love that they all have their unique personalities. To me, teapots in general seem very humanlike with their spouts and handles. My other recent discovery are these Acorn Jars. Now seriously… how cute are these? Stay tuned.


kim* said...

im lovin the acorn jars!

ThreadBeaur said...

Nice work. I love those acorns. They are going to be great for fall!

amy said...

Me too kim!
there's something neat about acorns,they're like nuts who like to wear hats.

Omg, Mops would love my moms pug Vincenzo. Yep he's Italian. Check him out in my blog,
Maybe they can have a spicy online photo relationship. Vincenzo already snorted when he saw Mops.

jenscloset said...

Well, first of all...I love love love your new baby-so cute! and the jars are awesome! Such talent!

About Debbie Gootter said...

Mops is so cute